Planning Aid

Planning Aid Can Help

Planning Aid for Scotland was established in 1993 to provide people across Scotland with information and support to engage in the planning system. Planning Aid for Scotland is a Scottish charity, whose role is to:

  • Ensure that everyone has access to the planning system provide knowledge and information to all people
  • help people to understand how the planning system works
  • enable all people to play their part

Planning Aid for Scotland won't actively become involved in planning applications, but can provide helpful advice, especially on the planning process. For example, council planning departments are often overworked and swamped with work. They may overlook or ignore important facts or procedures. You can describe the planning application progress to planning aid, and they might indicate that the council planning department is doing something incorrectly. This information allows you to confidently question the council planning department, ensuring that the planning procedure is followed correctly.


  • Planning aid is a free charity, who provides a wide variety of support to the public on planning issues
  • Council planning departments occasionally make mistakes or deviate from the proper procedure, and Planning aid can advise you if this ever happens