MP and MSP Support

Bring the historic planning application to the attention of your MSP and MP

MP's and MSP's often have a strong determination to protecting our built and cultural heritage, but they won't know about the planning application at a historic site until you bring it to their attention.

You can find contact details for your MP's and MSP's from local government websites (a few can be found in our Helpful Planning Links section), allowing you to write or e-mail them directly.

When writing to your MP or MSP, state the facts, note your own objections, and give them a link to the planning application so they can review the plans themselves. Politely ask them to write to the planning department if they would like to comment. Bear in mind, your MP or MSP might actually agree with the planning application, so could write a letter of support. If your MP or MSP does write a letter of objection it can greatly strengthen the argument to refuse an application, and it makes it a lot more difficult for the planning department to rush an application through.


  • Find out who your MP and MSP's are (if you didn't already know)
  • Write to each individually, and state facts and your objections
  • It is possible that they might submit a letter of support of an application, so be aware of this. You might want to read up about their policy statements before you consider asking for their support
  • A MP or MSP letter of objection can greatly strengthen the argument to refuse a planning application
  • It is a lot harder to rush through a planning application if a MP or MSP has backed your objections; your objections are more likely to be heard by the planning department