Media Support

Media support can help raise public awareness

Planning applications at listed sites can generate a lot of public interest, and at a planning committee there is often a press table, where the press have been issued with a full copy of the public letters etc. You might decide that with a planning application being public knowledge, you might be as well talking to the press.

To dicover the benefits in raising public awareness, see our Generate Publicity section.

At Nether Ardgrain, we didn't approach the press, they contacted us after the planning decision was deferred to a site visit. We might have strengthened our argument further by talking to the local paper much earlier, because we received letters of support from the public which were a real encouragement and helped our cause.

If an article appears early enough, public letters of objection might also be sent to the planning department. The downside is that the press may slant your intentions, mis-quote, or similar. It is a risk you have to carefully consider.

Thankfully with Nether Ardgrain, historic details were slightly incorrect, but the main stories were accurate and unbiased.

The Nether Ardgrain press articles, which appeared in the Press and Journal, are provided for easy reference.


  • Consider talking with your local paper, newsdesk etc to raise public awareness
  • Understand that you may be quoted out of context, mis-quoted or have an editorial slant on your story
  • Press coverage raises the public profile of the listed / historic site, and may generate public support
  • Consider the risks carefully