Helpful Planning Links

Planning Links

Below is a list of historic planning related links, which you may find useful (each opens in a new window): - A great site for looking up your MP, MSP and councilor names. Use this in conjunction with the Scottish Parliament link below to research contact details. - The Scottish Parliament MSP lists, which are searchable by postcode. - Planning Aid are a charity organisation, who can give support in all planning issues. Their unbiased advice is free, and volunteer planners assist the public both in planning approvals, appeals and objections. - Historic Scotland are consulted on all planning applications at listed sites throughout Scotland, so it is worthwhile phoning them to discuss the planning application at your site. - The Society of Ancient Buildings are not always consulted on planning applications, but may wish to comment. Phone or e-mail them to make them aware of the planning application. SPAB have a dedicated Scottish office (SPABiS). - The National Trust for Scotland. Doesn't actively participate in domestic planning issues, but may be able to provide support, advice or assistance. - It is worth contacting SAVE, who are very helpful and supportive. Phone them as soon as you are made aware of an application, to give SAVE sufficient time to respond. The SAVE website also provides links to a huge number of historic preservation bodies. The Scottish Civic Trust maintain the buildings at risk register for Scotland. The Scottish Civic Trust works to promote and improve Scotland's built environment. They seek to decisions affecting the equality of the places we live and work.  The Scottish Civic Trust support, through a network of civic societies across Scotland, local interest in architecture, planning, heritage and other environmental issues. - National Planning and Policy Guideline 18 is the official policy on planning where historic buildings are invlolved. This lengthy document can provide support where the proposed plans represent a threat to a listed building, and sections taken from this document can be referenced and included in your letter of representation.