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Chartered Planners

As with Chartered Architects, Planning Consultants can help both in general advice, and pick up specific details on a planning application which you yourself may not be aware of. The distinction between Architects and Planning Consultants overlap, but in my experiences, Architects can advise on specifics, such as distances between buildings and stylistic features to name but a few. Planning Consultants more often deal with the bigger picture, and the development as a whole. Planning Consultants deal with 'big' issues, such as supermarket developments or sites which will have a big public impact.

If you think the historic site merits it, the first thing to do is approach a firm of planning consultants. At Nether Ardgrain, they approached us, having heard about the proposed steading developments. Their advice comes at a cost (thousands of pounds typically), but can be money well spent.

The Planning Consultants on our behalf took an impartial view of the proposed steading development at Nether Ardgrain and wrote a full report on the site, addressing historic issues, site impact, and the impact it would have on our adjacent house. Their report is similar in content to a council planning recommendation, and takes an objective view on development, and what it means being adjacent to a listed building.

A copy of the Nether Ardgrain Planners Report report shows what can be expected.

As with a letter from a Chartered Architect, A letter from Planning Consultants on your behalf can greatly help your case; the letter carries weight behind it. A planning department may choose to overlook a public objection, but if the same objection comes from recognised professionals, it becomes a lot harder to ignore. Councilors see the objections, and will see the Planning Consultants report. The Planning Consultants report may highlight issues which have been overlooked or ignored by the planning department- think of the Planning Consultants report as a benchmark to which the planning department report may be checked.


  • Planning Consultants can help you to review site plans and constructively object on professional issues
  • It is common sense, but ask about before selecting your firm of Planning Consultants
  • Planning Consultants typically work on 'big' projects, such as Supermarket developments - their rates reflect this
  • A letter or report from Planning Consultants on your behalf is a lot harder for the planning department to ignore
  • The Planning Consultants report will be read by Councilors, and may highlight issues overlooked by the planning department