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Chartered Architects

You may find yourself suddenly thrown in the midst of a planning application, and though you know the importance of the historic site, you may not feel you have the necessary expertise to object yourself. After all, not everyone's background is in planning...

This is when the professional services of an architect comes in. As with Planning Consultants, architects can help both in general advice, and pick up specific details on a planning application which you yourself may not be aware of. For example, you might not know that there is a minimum distance between windows on adjacent properties. If the adjacent plans show a window closer (as at Ardgrain...), then you have valid grounds to object.

We'd suggest you employ the best you can afford, and it is always worth asking around to see if anyone you know can recommend a particularly good firm of chartered architects.

Bear in mind that there is a difference between architectural designers and professionally recognised chartered architects in terms of expertise and knowledge. Although the chartered architects will no doubt be slightly more expensive, the level of professional support available from chartered architects will be far greater (just as with chartered engineers, chartered accountants etc etc).

Once your architects have reviewed the plans and proposals, they may be able to suggest objections which will help you to protect the listed site. You may ask your architects to note all the architectural issues with the plans and submit an objection letter on your behalf. Or you may wish to discuss the planning applications and ask for their input and advice, before you yourself submit an objection noting these issues. The second method is the cheaper in our experience.

We personally approached two architects, the first group submitted a letter on our behalf. When we showed the plans to the second architects they were so horrified at the plans, and what it meant to such an important historic site, that they asked to submit a letter of objection themselves!

A letter from chartered architects on your behalf can greatly help your case; the letter carries weight behind it. A planning department may choose to overlook a public objection, but if the same objection comes from recognised professionals, it becomes a lot harder to ignore.


  • Chartered architects can help you to review site plans and constructively object on professional issues
  • It is common sense, but ask about before selecting your firm of chartered architects
  • It is cheaper for you to send a letter of objection using the architects points
  • Architect can submit a letter on your behalf
  • A letter of objection from chartered architects on your behalf is a lot harder for the planning department to ignore