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Inverurie Weather

The Inverurie weather station is sited in the Royal Burgh of Inverurie to the North West of Aberdeen, in the Don Valley in Scotland. The word "Inverurie" comes from the Scottish Gaelic Inbhir Uraidh meaning "Mouth of the Ury" after the river which joins the Don just south of the town and Inverurie forms part of the wider committee area of Garioch.

Pictures of Inverurie and Bennachie can be found in our galleries, and Bennachie can be seen in our New Deer webcam.

Inverurie was commonly spelt "Inverury" until the late 1800s when, it is alleged, it was altered to avoid confusion with Inveraray in Argyll, on the south west coast of Scotland because it was felt that "a" and "u" were particularly hard to distinguish in handwritten addresses. Inverurie is said to have been founded by David of Huntingdon, Earl of the Garioch, brother of Malcolm IV, great-great-grandfather of Robert the Bruce who defeated the Comyns nearby at the Battle of Barra in 1307.

Primary settlements within Garioch include Blackburn, Inch, Kemnay, Kintore, Newmacher and Westhill, and smaller villages in Garioch include Daviot, Dunecht, Echt, Elrick, Kinmuck, Oyne and Skene.

Inverurie weather data is collected on a Davis weather station and this page updates to display the new weather conditions every 30 minutes. Read more about the weather stations we use.

Inverurie weather images and data kindly provided by Garioch Weather

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New Deer Webcam looking towards Inverurie and Bennachie from New Deer


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