The will of Robert Innes (1534)

Ancient texts taken from the Charter Chest at Ellon describing the Ardgrain lands in 1534

Taken from Antiquities of the Shires of Aberdeen and Banff (Vol III) 1857 - Page 33.

The will of Robert Innes (1534)

On the twenty sixth day of November 1534, Robert Innes of Innermarky grants to Alexander Innes his second son, and the heirs male to be procreated of his body, whom failing, to himself (Robert Innes) and his heirs whomsoever, his lands and barony of Ardgraine, Cauldiswillis, and Pettauchie. The witnesses are Duncan Chalmers, chancellor of Ross, William Hay of Mane, Patrick Ogilvy of Kessock, James Dunbar of Castletown, Mr. John Bissat, vicar of Kilmyr and William Jamieson etc. This grant was confirmed by charter under the great seal, dated 19th January 1535.

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