The Ardgrain Name


From its earliest Celtic origins, the name Ardgrain has slowly evolved over time while remaining easily recognisable and totally unique


Celtic Origins

The name Ardgrain has gradually evolved and changed in spelling over the past centuries. With few people able to write, many references to Ardgrain were transcribed from word of mouth, and local accents and changing dialects have played a part in the various spellings.

The Ardgrain name itself has strong Celtic origins. The Celtic word for hill, point or store is 'ard' and Ardgrain is thought to mean either grain point, grain store or grain hill.

The hill behind the house is now known as "Hill of Ardgrain" on maps. Later houses were built near Ardgrain, and Ardgrain eventually became known as Nether (or lower) Ardgrain as neighbouring houses were named Upper Ardgrain and North Ardgrain.

Hill of ArdgrainHill of Ardgrain

The Evolution of 'Nether Ardgrain'


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