Assigning the Ardgrain lands to Alexander Irvin (1422)

Ancient texts taken from the Charter Chest at Drum, describing the Ardgrain lands in 1422

Taken from Antiquities of the Shires of Aberdeen and Banff (Vol III) 1857 - Page 31.

Note: The below translation should not be taken as fully correct - the Latin is far from perfect. I would welcome any corrections through our contact page.

Assignatio terrarum de Ardgrane Alexandro de Irwyne de Drum (A.D. 1422).

The assigning of the territories of Ardgrain to Alexander Irvin of Drum (A.D. 1422).

Vniuersis hoc scriptum visuris... Johannes Harrowar vnus heredum quondam Margarete Harrowar domine de Ardgrane salutem... Noueritis me dedisse... et titulo vendicionis tradidisse... nobili domino Alexandro de Irwyne domino de Drvm et heredibus suis et suis assignatis totum jus et clameum juris que habui habeo seu quouismodo habere potero.

Vniuersis writes these texts... John Harrowar formerly benefited from the inheritance from the late / former Margaret Harrowar, lady of Ardgrain... Notifies me to give... and to call vendicionis (?) surrender... Nobleman Alexander Irvin, master of Drum is assigned the inheritance and whole right after private hearing to have and to gain quouismodo (?) now with government/official backing.

In futurum in terris de Ardgrane cum pertinenciis in comitatu Buchanie infra vicecomitatum de Abirdene seu in aliqua parte earundem terrarum... Insuper obigo me firmiter ad laborandum et prosecutiones facere contra recuperatores predictarum terrarum quotiens et quando per dictum Alexandrum et heredes sous vel assignatos fuimus requisiti.

The grounds about and the grounds concerning Ardgrain within the area of Buchan forming lands within the area of Aberdeen... As mentioned above, oblige me enduringly to emphasise and to work zealously against prosecutions and against predicaments / troubles with this land as often as and if the very word of Alexander whose assigned fuimus (?) inheritance has been requested.

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