Fyvie Castle, Aberdeenshire

Fyvie Castle, Aberdeenshire

Fyvie Castle


Fyvie Castle

With a history tracing back over 800 years, Fyvie Castle has been described as one of the finest of all castles in Scotland. Now owned by the National Trust for Scotland, this historic castle is open to the general public during the summer months.

Five families are said to have each contributed to the castle and its construction, Preston, Meldrum, Seton, Gordon and Leith. Local legend has it that each built one of the five impressive castle towers.  Read more » 

Tower Houses in Scotland

Discover what a Tower House is, and why Ardgrain is especially unique in sharing both Tower House and Country House features

A Scottish Tower House is a stone structure built for both living and defensive purposes. The design of a Tower House evolved from earlier castle types such as Celtic Fortresses and Motte and Bailey Castles.

Dunnottar CastleDunnottar Castle  Read more » 

Aberdeen to Fraserburgh Road

The road that leads to Ardgrain was once the main Aberdeen to Fraserburgh route, which passed through the market town of Ellon before winding its way northwards

The main Fraserburgh road would have been a prominent position to site a Baronial house like Ardgrain, commanding views down the hill towards Ellon and beyond. Centuries after Ardgrain was built, a new road was to Fraserburgh was constructed, a few miles away.  Read more » 

Virgil Quotation and Ardgrain Motto

Discover why a quote from the Roman poet and author, Virgil, was carved above the Ardgrain doors


The Virgil Quote

Carved into a weathered stone, directly above the main double doors at Ardgrain, is a quotation taken from the classical Roman poet and author, Virgil.  Read more »